June 02, 2021

Association for Social Economics Creates Ombuds Program for Members

The professional association for the study of economic behavior has appointed Madhavi Venkatesan as its first Ombudsperson. In this new role, she will provide services to ASE's 200 members following IOA standards. In an introductory letter, Venkatesan explained, "As your Ombudsperson, I will be the point of contact for anyone in the organization facing a functional challenge with another person(s) in the organization and will seek to facilitate through informal channels a mutually agreeable resolution."

Venkatesan is an economics professor at Northeastern University and environmental activist. Among other issues, she is a prominent proponent of a plastic water bottle ban. Venkatesan earned her BA, MS, and PhD from Vanderbilt University. (ASE Ombuds; Wikipedia.)

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