November 22, 2021

IOA Seeks Nominations for Two Board Cohorts

The International Ombuds Association is asking for nominations for its Board of Directors. The election process is restarting after a delay to update the election process and other provisions of the bylaws. Now, there will be 15 IOA Director positions, with one seat reserved for an international member and a maximum limit of two seats available to candidates who are not currently practicing Ombuds. Directors may serve two consecutive terms and these terms are staggered in three classes of five so that a majority of the Board members will return from year to year. In the current election, nine directors will be selected: Four seats for the 2021–2024 term (a reduced term from March 2022 through April 2024); and Five seats for the 2022-2025 term (a full, three-year term).

IOA members are invited to nominate themselves or other IOA members. In order to serve on the Board, all incoming IOA Directors must: 1. have been a Member or Retired Member of the Association for at least three years immediately preceding nomination and be current in their member dues; and 2. have had experience as a practicing Organizational Ombuds (unless there are less than two non-practicing Directors already on the Board, which there are not currently). (IOA Blog.)

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