November 17, 2021

Idaho State University Introduces New Panel of Ombuds

ISU has updated its Ombuds Committee, which serves all campus employees and supplements the work of the Faculty Ombuds, Rick Wagoner. The ISU Ombuds Committee is coordinated by Stacey Marshall, an Assistant Director in HR, and includes: David Delehanty, Professor of Biology; James Yizar, Associate Director, Student Success Center; Kurtis Moser, Interactive Video Conferencing Classroom Specialist; Stefanie Shadduck, Management Assistant- Academic Affairs/Institute of Rural Health; and Todd Johnson, Director - Veterans Student Services Center. (ISU Ombuds Cmte.)

1 comment:

  1. I'm intrigued by this model of a support panel/committee, which I know is not entirely unique to Idaho State but also isn't terribly widespread. Would love to know of any resources available to learn more?