November 15, 2021

Job Posting: University of Minnesota

The public land-grant research university in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul is hiring its next Director & Ombud of the Student Conflict Resolution Center. (Jan Morse is retiring from the role after 32 years.) The position leads a program that serves 30,000 undergraduate students, 17,000 graduate and professional students, postdocs, and medical residents. Ombuds services are provided following IOA and ACCUO standards. The position supervises SCRC staff (including Assistant Director and University Ombudsman Michael V. Huyen) and reports to the Assistant Vice Provost for Student Advocacy and Support.

Applicants must have a Bachelors' degree and at least eight years of experience, including supervision of a small department and/or Ombuds. Preferred qualifications include a Master’s degree in a related field; related experience (Ombuds work, excellent problem-solving skills, conflict resolution including mediation, systems theory, negotiation, etc.) preferably within higher education; five years full-time experience as an Ombuds or work in the conflict resolution field; experience leading an Ombuds team, preferably in a university setting; and experience with database management. The position pays $75,000 to $80,000. No application deadline indicated. (HERCJobs.)

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