November 22, 2021

MIT Digitizes Mary Rowe's Papers

An initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has preserved the work of Mary Rowe, one of the early leaders of the Organizational Ombuds profession. Rowe, who served as MIT's first Ombuds, donated her professional papers to the institute's library as part of initiative to archive the contributions of women. “We’re thrilled to be able to make this collection available,” says Alex McGee, project archivist for Distinctive Collections at MIT Libraries. “Not only will it be a valuable resource for any researcher interested in issues of conflict management, discrimination, gender equity, sexual harassment, and a systems approach to all workplace issues, but it also sheds light on a pivotal period for women at MIT and the work involved in documenting and improving conditions for them.” Thirty eight boxes of materials are in the collection. 

Rowe's personal website at the MIT Sloan School of Management, where she still teaches as an Adjunct Professor of Work and Organization Studies, provides an outline of the materials: 
  • The Organizational Ombuds’ Role: Functions, Standards of Practice, and Effectiveness and Value 
  • Integrated Conflict Management Systems (ICMS) and the Organizational Ombuds’ Role Therein 
  • Micro-inequities (including Micro-aggressions) and Micro-affirmations 
  • Bystanders and the Bystanders of Bystanders 
  • Harassment and Bullying 
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management 
  • Mentoring and Mentoring Frameworks 
  • Androgyny and Gender Roles 
  • Promoting Equity in Organizations 
  • Early Research: Child Care Economics and African and Black Entrepreneurship

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