March 22, 2024

Journal Article Connects Ombuds and Organizational Health

A new, peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being explains how Ombuds create a more resilient and inclusive workplace culture with a positive impact on the organization’s overall health and success. The authors of "Enhancing Organizational Well-being and Growth: The Value of Ombud services and the Development of Ombud Consultation Evaluation Survey" are Katy Kamkar and Mario Baril. Both are Ombuds with Public Services and Procurement Canada.

Here is an abstract for the article:
The role of an organizational ombud (formerly ombudsman) is increasingly recognized as a significant contributor to fostering a healthy workplace environment. This specialized service offers an impartial, confidential, informal, and independent resource for employees and executives, addressing their concerns, mediating conflicts, and promoting fair treatment within the organization. While the role of an ombud may vary from one organization to another, this article sheds light on the findings of our ombud’s office and its contribution to the health of an organization. The ombud consultation evaluation survey serves as a valuable tool for organizations to simultaneously safeguard the health of their employees and the health of their business. The ombud confidential services serve as a cornerstone of organizational health, contributing to enhanced employee satisfaction, improved conflict resolution, ethical compliance, increased productivity, and reduced legal risks.
The article is available for free. (Journal of CSWB.)

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