March 01, 2024

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Seeks to Build University Ombuds Programs in Latin America

UC3M (Charles III University of Madrid), an international university in Spain, has launched an initiative to establish or modernize University Ombuds offices in eight universities in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Honduras. The project is part of Erasmus+, a European Union program to promote closer cooperation between universities. Known as BRAVIOO, the UC3M initiative is coordinated by UC3M's University Ombudsman Office and involves collaboration with the University Ombudsman Office for Students at the Universidade da Beira Interior in Portugal (which will host ENOHE's 2024 conference). 

Eight Latin American universities are participating in the project: two in Argentina (the National University of Cordoba and the National University of the Northeast); two in Bolivia (the Private Technological University of Santa Cruz and the Private University of Valle); two in Chile (the Adolfo Ibáñez University and the University of La Frontera); and two in Honduras (the National Autonomous University of Honduras and the Francisco Morazán National Pedagogical University). 

“The goal is to advance human rights within the university setting so that all communities in these four Latin American countries can thrive and demonstrate greater inclusivity and respect for diverse identities, cultures, genders, and relationships within their institutions,” explains Emilio Olías Ruiz, head of the BRAVIOO project and UC3M's University Ombudsman. “It's crucial for University Ombudsman Offices to be firmly established in regions where they are lacking, as they promote greater appreciation, respect, and fulfillment of societal human rights,” he emphasized. (UC3M News.)

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