March 28, 2024

Meet the Ombuds Team at McKinsey & Co

The global management company has three Firm Ombuds who have been appointed in the past two years: Kathrin Braunsteiner, based in Germany, in October 2023; Gretchen Scheidler, based in Chicago, in April 2022; and Caz Williamson, based in London, in October 2023. All three moved from other roles at McKinsey. 

Braunsteiner has worked in recruiting for McKinsey since 2012 and previously worked in HR for Pfizer Deutschland GmbH. She graduated from Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg and earned an MS from Aston University. (LinkedIn.) Scheidler has worked in professional development at McKinsey since 2009. Prior to that she was a hospice nurse. She graduated from Johns Hopkins University and earned an MBA at Duke University. (LinkedIn.) Williamson was an HR and product manager with McKinsey for just a year before becoming and Ombuds. She has held HR positions at a variety of organizations since 2005 and has a theatre background. She studied theatre at Reigate College and Rose Bruford College. (LinkedIn.) 

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