February 09, 2017

IOA Seeks Nominations for 2017 Distinguished Emeriti Ombuds

The International Ombudsman Association is seeking nominations for its 2017 Distinguished Emeritus award. IOA has traditionally bestowed the award to retired Ombuds in recognition of their outstanding and dedicated service to the organization and profession.

Presented at the IOA Annual Conference, recipients receive complimentary, non-transferable membership status along with a complimentary registration to the conference for the year that he or she receives the honor. The criteria are:

  1. An outstanding record of service to the IOA or its predecessor organizations (TOA, UCOA, COA) either as an elected official or through other voluntary service to the organization on task forces, committees, or as an advocate of the organizational ombudsman profession or the public. 
  2. Demonstration of innovative service contributions that have advanced the organizational ombudsman profession through administrative or committee work outside of IOA or its predecessor organizations, or other efforts, including publications, public speaking, testimony and instruction. 
  3. Evidence of a leadership role in one or more activities that has positively impacted the organizational ombudsman profession.
Nominators should complete and submit the nomination form to the IOA Nominations and Elections Committee along with three letters of support (one of which can be from the nominator), by February 24, 2017. (IOA 2017 Distinguished Emeritus Info.)

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  1. FYI, 2016 retirees include:
    Roger Callanan (NC State);
    Pam Caruso (NASA);
    Milton Clark (Cal State San Bernardino);
    Betsy Decyck (Cal State Long Beach);
    Tina Feiger (Santa Monica College);
    Howard Gadlin (National Institutes of Health);
    Cottrell Webster (FDIC); and
    Toni Robinson (MIT).

    1. Howard Gadlin received the award last year.