April 20, 2010

African Ombuds and Mediators Association Selects Leader

At the AOMA general assembly in Angola last week, members elected Thuli Madonsela as the Executive Secretary. Madonsela has served as South Africa’s Public Protector since October 2009.

As AOMA's Executive Secretary, Madonsela is tasked with ensuring that the organization is registered with the African Union and other international bodies. Her responsibilities also include securing funds, assembling the secretariat and consolidating the work already done at the African Ombudsman Research Centre at the University of Natal. (South Africa Citizen; Public Protector South Africa.)

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  1. TThehe univeresity of UKZN,has not replaced the former ombud,the late Chief justice,Pius langa,theAOMA should which is composed of the Dean of the Faculty of law,should explain,why.