April 05, 2010

Journal of IOA Publishes Latest Issue in Time for Annual Conference

The Journal of the International Ombudsman Association has published its third issue. Editor in Chief David Miller has collected several articles that bear on the effectiveness of Ombuds programs:

  • “Identifying and Communicating the Effectiveness of Organizational Ombuds with Ideas About OO Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness” – Mary Rowe;
  • “Assessing Effectiveness in Ombudsman Programs” – Howard Gadlin;
  • “Creating an Effective Office: A Case Study” – by Janis Schonauer;
  • “Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of an Ombudsman: A Corporate Case Study” – Janet L Newcomb;
  • “A Look at the Ombudsman Role in Cultural Change: Part 1” - Brian Bloch;
  • “Conflict Coaching and the Organizational Ombuds Field” – Ross Brinkert;
  • “An Ethical Privilege: The Case for a Statutory Privilege for the Organizational Ombuds” – Andrew Larratt-Smith; and
  • Book Review of Charles Howard’s The Organizational Ombudsman: Origins, Roles, and Operations – Tom Kosakowski.
Longer summaries of these articles will follow shortly. Most of the authors will be attending the IOA annual conference later this week.  (JIOA, Vol. 3, Issue 1.)

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