April 15, 2010

Leading Classical Ombudsman Set to Retire

Iowa State Ombudsman Bill Angrick has announced that he will accept an early retirement offer and retire at age 64. Angrick was 32 when he was appointed by the Iowa legislature in 1978 and he became one of country's leading Classical Ombuds.

Angrick has served as president and board member of both the United States Ombudsman Association and the International Ombudsman Institute. He also was a member of the Ombudsman Committee of the Administrative Law Section of the American Bar Association, which produced a resolution expanding upon the ABA's original definition and standards for ombudsmen offices.

The Iowa Ombudsman's office is facing a $200,000 budget deficit next year. If he is not replaced, Angrick's retirement will save $140,000 and may prevent the need for layoffs or unpaid furloughs for his 16-person staff. (Des Moines Register.)

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