April 13, 2010

Los Alamos National Lab Posts Interactive Ombuds Report

The Ombuds office for the U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory in New Mexico has created an interactive website summarizing its work with visitors. For the year ended April 2010, the office reported handling 476 cases from the population of about 13,000.

The site displays 12 months of data in the areas of visitor demographics, Ombuds productivity (including, new cases by month, case type, and intervention), caseload detail (days and hours to close, and persons involved by case type) and institutional feedback (types if issue by area). The animated site is built on the Shockwave Format which makes it user friendly, but prohibits direct copying of text. Kirk Christensen has been LANL's Ombuds for the past year and has an extensive engineering and management background. (LANL Ombuds Dashboard.)


  1. UH-MAZING. Wow that is slick! Thanks for sharing the link.

  2. Thanks so much to the LANL team for sharing this. Great to see it again.

    One thought:

    Dashboard = information that shows how hard the engine (activities, types of cases, types of people, etc) is working to achieve the speed at which the vehicle is traveling(number of cases, time to closure, etc.)

    Just curious...what does LANL use for a program GPS (How the vehicle is moving from current to desired location)?