April 14, 2010

DC Ombuds Group Finds New Host, Sets April Meeting

The DC Ombuds Discussion Group will meet for a brown bag lunch at the American Red Cross 1730E St. NW, on Tuesday, April 20th, 12-2 pm. The event is open to anyone interested in Ombuds work in the DC area.

At this meeting, the group will discuss the IOA conference in New Orleans and, “Why I’m an Ombuds and How That Informs My Practice.”

The monthly meeting is now being coordinated by Jai Holzman, after being led by Wendy Kammenshine for the past few years. To RSVP and arrange a security clearance for the lunch, please email Jai (holzmanj [at_sign] usa [dot] redcross [dot] org) or call (202.303.5241). Also note that there are three Red Cross buildings between 17th & 18th at E St. The meeting is in the middle building that faces E St and the entrance is on the east side (facing the White House).


  1. Will there be any more meetings of this group?

  2. Not that I know. Try contacting Jai. Let me know if there is another and I'll put up a post.