April 13, 2010

Cleveland State University Reinstates Ombuds Program

Last week, CSU President Ronald Berkman announced that he had reinstated the university's Ombuds Office and appointed Richard F. Rakos, PhD, to fill the position. The decision came in response to student demands, but it was not clear when the university last had an Ombuds for the general campus.

Rakos has been a professor in the CSU Department of Psychology since 1992, and has been on the faculty since 1984. His research and teaching interests lie in clinical training, behavior analysis and modification, ethics and values in therapy, and psychology and the law. Rakos is especially interested in free will and determinism, and assertiveness training. He earned his BA from SUNY Stony Brook, and MA and PhD from Kent State University.  His faculty profile states that he is the 'interim' Ombuds, but also that he has been the CSU Ombuds since 2006.

As recently as September 2009, CSU had an Ombuds for the College of Graduate Studies and there is no indication whether that program will continue.  (Cleveland Stater; Rakos Faculty Profile; CSU Ombuds Office; CSU President's Newsletter.)

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