April 16, 2010

UT Staff Council Develops Ombuds Proposal

Tweets from yesterday's meeting of the Staff Council at the University of Texas Austin reveals that a proposal for an Ombuds position is being finalized. Earlier this month, UT President yielded to long-standing calls for a staff Ombuds program and asked the Staff Council for suggestions.

From the UTStaffCouncil Twitter feed on April 15 about 2 pm CDT:
  • Next up is Jenny Smith reporting on the ad-hoc committee for a staff ombudsman
  • Overview of what is available in the student and faculty ombuds and the dispute resolution process available to staff
  • Now giving a breakdown of what the differences are between the current dispute resolution office and a future ombudsperson
  • The committee came up with 5 options of full-time or part-time ombuds and support staff
According to minutes from the February UT Staff Council meeting, the point person Jenny Smith has been working with the campus human resources and dispute resolution offices. The staff council at Clemson University has also been providing information. (UTStaffCouncil; UT Staff Council Minutes 2/18/10.)

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