April 21, 2010

Eight Rules for Framing

Mediator and trainer of mediators, Zena D. Zumeta, has released a beautiful and succinct presentation on framing that Ombuds will find relevant. She posits eight rules for framing an issue. 

  1. Deal with one issue at a time;
  2. Ask it neutrally;
  3. Make it mutual;
  4. Be short and clear;
  5. Make sure it's their issue, not yours;
  6. Focus on the future;
  7. Get to the how; and
  8. Frame it, do not solve it.
Although Zumeta uses a divorce mediation as an example for these rules, they are applicable to the work of Ombuds. Her presentation takes only a few minutes and is worth your time. (Learn2Mediate via Campus-adr Weblog; Zena Zumeta Mediation Services.)

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