September 25, 2018

Duke University Ombuds Presents 2018 Annual Report

Thomas Metzloff, who just completed his first year as the Faculty Ombuds at Duke, presented an annual report to the faculty senate. He said that he handled about 60 cases and called on the university to expand the number of Ombuds.

First, he proposed the creation of a separate ombudsperson to represent the medical center because visitors from the medical branch and the university branch usually came to him for different needs. Metzloff also proposed adding another faculty ombudsman to compensate for the “unexpected” volume of visitors this year. 
Meltzloff said that his visitors' most common issues related to harassment, discrimination, and bias. (Duke Chronicle.)

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  1. So pleased to see that Duke University's proactive approach to conflict resolution has been so successful. Congratulations!