September 27, 2018

North Carolina State University Ombuds Works to Assist Students Hit by Hurricane Florence

NC State students recovering from the recent storm are getting help from a program started by the Student Ombuds, Michael Giancola. Pack Essentials offers help for students in need of food, housing, financial, and educational assistance. And, because it's run through the Ombuds Office, students are able to discuss their needs confidentially.

Giancola said that students are free to reach out to Student Ombuds even if they are uncertain if they will need the resources.

“In some cases, the students just need someone to connect to, to understand their situation,” Giancola said. “So as I go through and find out that they’re not currently experiencing food, housing or financial insecurity, but help them know that they can stay connected to me through the Ombuds because it may be in a month from now when they get a better sense what their family situation is and what they won’t be able to help them with financially.”
(NCSU Technician; Pack Essentials.)

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