October 04, 2019

Job Posting: University of Washington

The Office of the Ombud at UW has opened up a search for a new Associate Ombud. The university in Seattle is the second largest research institution in the country and includes three academic campuses and two medical centers. The office serves 125 stakeholders and the position works directly with “300+ clients per year.” The Associate Ombud reports to the University Ombud, Chuck Sloan, and is also expected to provide outreach, mediation and conflict resolution training. The search will fill a position held by Emma Phan for the past six years.

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline (e.g. Psychology, Pre-Law, Business, Education) and at least four years of experience or equivalent experience in a university setting. No details are currently being provided on salary. (UW Hires)

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