October 30, 2019

West Virginia University Selects Next Ombuds

After an internal search, Jodi Goodman has been named the WVU Faculty Ombudsperson for a three-year term. She takes on the part-time Ombuds duties while continuing as Professor of Management in the College of Business and Economics. Goodman follows Tom Patrick, a law professor who has established the position in 2016.

According to the WVU Ombuds website:
[Goodman] tends to take an analytical approach to problem-solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution, while considering the perspectives and experiences of those involved and affected. She remains calm, listens and gathers information, weighs various factors, keeps goals and the big picture in mind, and thinks strategically about the broader impacts. She strives to address conflict proactively, constructively, and with care. Jodi’s approach is informed by research on problem-solving, decision-making, and negotiation from the fields of Psychology and Organizational Behavior and has been shaped by professional and personal experiences and research and other professional training.
Prior to joining WVU in 2012, she was on the faculties of Purdue University and University of Connecticut. Goodman earned her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the Georgia Institute of Technology. (WVU Ombuds.)

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