October 11, 2019

Job Posting: U.S. Department of Energy

The department responsible for U.S. energy and nuclear safety policies is hiring an Associate Ombudsman. This will fill a position recently vacated by Bill Mauer, who moved the the Census Bureau. The job is based in either Germantown, MD or Washington D.C., and serves all DOE federal employees, world-wide. Some travel is required.

Applicants must have dispute resolution experience and experience in designing and/or implementing integrated conflict resolution systems. The position is open only to U.S. citizens and eligible candidates for this position must be able to obtain and maintain a DOE Q/Top Secret clearance.. The GS-14/15 position pays $117,191 to $166,500 per year. Applications are due by October 16, 2019. (USA Jobs.)

Note: A reliable source assures me that this is a competitive posting and that recently adopted HR policies mandate a short posting window.

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