October 28, 2019

Update: Marquette University Faculty Push Back on Closure of Ombuds Office

At the latest meeting of the Academic Senate at Marquette, the Committee on Diversity and Equity urged a reconsideration of university's closure of the Office of the Ombuds on September 6, 2019.  The office opened in 2002 to serve faculty and staff; Kerry Egdorf was the Ombuds for 12 years.  Other faculty at the senate meeting voiced support for the Ombuds program.

The CDE also reiterated three points: that the university has not formally communicated with faculty about the closure of the office, that closing the office underscores the shared governance planning on Marquette’s campus and that “the President’s office, especially as the ombuds reported into the President, should have provided greater transparency around this decision.”
Marquette administrators have not responded publicly to the committee. (Marquette Wire.)

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  1. In assessing the value of an Ombuds program the decision makers need to 1) identify all stakeholders impacted by any decision to eliminate or modify the program 2) have those stakeholders be able to discuss how an Ombuds program will be assessed and 3) communicate in a transparent manner to the community served by the Ombud program the collective decision. At a minimum. Otherwise, there is a ripple across the organization that will perceive a lack of straightforwardness and honesty.