December 15, 2020

National Capital Commission Names Next Ombuds

Oriana Trombetti has been selected the next Ombuds for the Canadian Crown corporation that administers the federally properties in the National Capital Region. Her role, for the next three-years, "provides members of the public, in the official language of their choice, with an independent, confidential, neutral, fair and equitable mechanism for resolving complaints, when all other redress avenues have been exhausted." She succeeds Kevin Saville

Trombetti brings nearly three decades of legal and government experience to the position. She served as General Counsel for the Department of Justice Canada from 2011 to 2018 and , for three years before that, she was the Deputy Procurement Ombudsman. For the past three years, Trombetti has been working part-time as a private-sector consultant and adjudicator, as well as serving on boards and teaching at the University of Ottawa. (NCC News; LinkedIn.)

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