December 04, 2020

Job Posting: Islamic Development Bank

The multilateral development bank based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is hiring its first Ombuds. The role of the new "Manager Ombudsman" is, "to inquire into, review and seek to resolve (through conciliation) mediation or any other appropriate means, any formal complaint (written or oral) by a staff member alleging mistreatment and/or non-observance of his/her terms and conditions of employment with IsDB." (Most of the Ombuds at international development banks and UN-affiliated organizations practice to IOA standards, so this job description may be revised in time.)

Applicants must have a Master’s degree in public Relations/ Business Administration or related discipline, significant prior experience in mediation and conflict resolution, and English language proficiency. Prior experience in a multilateral development bank and fluency in French or Arabic are preferred. No salary indicated. Applications should be submitted by December 30, 2020. (IsDB Careers.)

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