April 10, 2017

Campus Ombuds Raise Profiles in Bid to Assist Stakeholders with Social Justice Issues

In addition to their work with the individual concerns of their visitors and surfacing systemic matters for administrators, many Ombuds will also help address topical issues that concern and affect their stakeholders.  Several recent news items show how Ombuds step forward to help facilitate dialog:

  • Immigration Executive Order -- UC San Francisco Ombuds Ellen Goldstein spoke at a town hall explain that the Ombuds Office an answer questions about immigration status related issues;
  • Political Activism -- Appalachian State Ombuds Bob Hill was interviewed and offered five tips for enacting social change;
  • Travel Ban -- UC Riverside Ombuds Andrew Larratt-Smith was a panelist about campus resources for those affected; and
  • Syrian Refugees -- In a presentation accompanying a documentary, DePaul University Ombuds Rev. Craig Mousin shared his experience and expertise working directly with overlooked refugees.

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