April 18, 2017

IOA Surveys Higher Education Ombuds Confidentiality for Clery Act & Title IX Matters

The International Ombudsman Association's Government & Policy Committee has released survey data from over 120 academic Ombuds showing their reporting duties under the Clery Act and Title IX.  Kouang Chan, the Director of the Office of Student Ombuds at the University of Texas at Austin, lead the project and his summary, “Survey of Higher Education Ombuds Reporting Under Clery and Title IX” is available for IOA members.  

Chan's survey builds on the “Benchmark Table of Ombuds Charters” she originally developed and which has available to IOA members for several years.  The document provides an overview of how IOA member ombuds in higher education function under the categories of Clery and Title IX.  IOA intends this recent survey provide qualitative data on how Ombuds practice in the context of current federal guidelines and publications.  (IOA News.)

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