April 27, 2017

IOA Publishes Survey of Ombuds Practices

The International Ombudsman Association has published a report on the current practices of its members.  Here's the summary posted by IOA:

The Practice and Compensation survey provides an important snapshot of the contemporary field of organizational ombuds based on responses from members of the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) who were practitioners in December 2015. This portion of the report provides general demographic information about the ombuds who participated in the study and detailed information about the structure and functions of ombuds offices around the world. The survey data, over time, will allow us to position ourselves as a profession as effectively as possible. The survey data also permit us to offer individual support to our members and those organizations interested in creating an ombudsman office. 
The report is available for IOA members only.  In May, the IOA will release the second report based on the 2015 data, the "2015 Compensation Survey Report."  (IOA News.)

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