April 04, 2017

Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training Publishes Article on Ombuds

A recent article in The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training Report summarizes the work of Organizational Ombuds and is based partly on recent presentations in Japan.  In November 2016, Noriko Tada, the Ombudsperson with Guidea for Eisai Co., Ltd., arranged a series of informational events in Tokyo about Ombuds.  Nicholas Diehl, the Ombudsperson for the Asian Development Bank, presented to the directors of the JILPT, and to healthcare providers and mediators at Waseda University.

Diehl later co-presented with Charmhee Kim, the Ombuds for Asia for McKinsey & Co., to a diverse group of interested professionals at Hitotsubashi University, organized by Professor Tish Robinson, and to CUORE, an employee assistance company. Bruce McLin, a former HR manager with Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, provided support to this effort both in terms of identifying key messages and translating materials into Japanese.

These presentations are the latest in a series of educational fora arranged by Noriko in recent years. The Ombuds role, which has little recognition in Japan, could be especially helpful as many Japanese organizations are confronting issues of bullying and what is termed in Japan "power harassment."

The JILPT article, in Japanese, focuses on describing the organizational ombudsman concept and how the practice was adapted in ADB to accommodate an organization with more than sixty nationalities, and in particular to best serve Filipino staff in the Manila headquarters. This may provide some guidance on how the practice might be introduced to more Japanese organizations.  (JILPT Article.)

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  1. Thank you Noriko for continuing your efforts to expand understanding of the ombuds. Thanks as well to Nick, Bruce and Tish for their support.