April 18, 2019

Haverford College Unveils Ombuds Program

The private liberal arts college in Pennsylvania has appointed long-time insider Steve Watter as its first Ombuds for all campus constituents. Watter has worked at the college for over three decades, primarily as Dean of Student Life, but also as Title IX Coordinator. He un-retired into the new position at the request of Haverford's current president Kim Benston. 

Watter will serve an initial one-year term through May 2020, at which point soon-to-be President Wendy Raymond will decide, in consultation with the community, whether to make it permanent. Watter graduated from Oberlin College and earned an MS at Colorado State. He retired from Haverford in June 2017. (Haverford Clerk; Haverford Ombuds; LinkedIn.)

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