April 12, 2019

Meet the New Ombuds at the University of Victoria

In September 2018, Annette Fraser was named UVic's University Ombudsperson. The appointment is a homecoming for Fraser who graduated earned her masters in dispute resolution there. She succeeds Martine Conway, who served in the role for nearly two decades. Previously, Fraser was an Employment Standards Officer with the Government of British Columbia.

The university recently published a profile of Fraser. Here's a excerpt:
Because she’s still fairly new to this position, Fraser is still exploring what unique aspects she can bring to the ombuds office. “Martine did a lot of great work,” Fraser says, “and now that I’m here, I’m also looking at what I can infuse into that work as well.” She is currently putting in a lot of time meeting with faculty and staff at UVic, researching different ways to connect with students, and trying to become as visible as possible. 
* * *
Will she be here for 18 years? Fraser isn’t sure. But right now, she is throwing herself into her work at UVic, making sure students know she exists and that they aren’t alone in difficult administrative situations. Even when she can’t help a student herself, Fraser always makes sure they leave her office knowing how to contact the person who can help them. “I operate under the concept of an open-door policy,” she says. “I will never turn a student away.”
(UVic News; LinkedIn.)

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