April 29, 2019

IOA Brings Ombuds Training to Minneapolis in July 2019

The International Ombudsman Association will offer two training program in July 2019 at the Loews Minneapolis Hotel. IOA's signature course, "Foundations," provides the primary training for new Organizational Ombuds. A two-day course offers more advanced topics.

Three-Day Course

July 22-24

Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice

This course covers the fundamentals of the organizational ombudsman role by emphasizing the principles of confidentiality, neutrality, independence, and informality. Learn how to work with the visitor to the office as well as how to act as a change agent within your organization. Practice key ombudsman skills of listening, asking questions, clarifying, generating options, and moving to actions throughout the ombuds process. In addition, an experienced and highly committed faculty of ombudsmen will share best practices around setting up an office and evaluating and communicating
the effectiveness of the office.
Faculty: Judi Segal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and other faculty to be announced.

Two-Day Specialized Course

July 22-24

Assessing and Addressing Organizational and Systemic Contributors to Conflict

This two-day specialized course will give participants the tools to identify, evaluate, and address organizational and systemic contributors to conflict. (More information to be added.)
Faculty: Aimee Gourlay, JD, Executive Director of the Mediation Center in Minneapolis-Saint Paul; and Jessica Kuchta Miller, MA, JD, CO-OP®, Ombudsperson for Washington University in St. Louis.

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