April 05, 2019

IOA Announces New Certification Categories

The Board of Certification of Organizational Ombudsman Practitioners has announced broader credentialing categories designed to make the program more accessible to Ombuds and aspiring Ombuds. After input from IOA's members, the CO-OP Board created two new levels: 

  • Candidate for CO-OP -- Indicating the individual has passed the Certification Exam and worked as an Ombuds at least 2,000 hours over the past four years, but has not adhering to all standards of practice (for example, in academic sector where some schools require Ombuds to report issues related to Title IX or Clery Act).
  • Inactive Status -- Indicating that an individual who had been CO-OP certified, but who now can no longer practice all of the standards. Reinstatement is similar to existing recertification protocols. 

More information will be from the CO-OP Board. (YouTube.)

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