April 09, 2019

Radio Ombudsman Hosts University of Denver Ombuds for Podcast

Last week, Jenna Brown, the University of Denver Ombuds, sat down for an interview with Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, Rob Behrens. The interview was recorded for Behren's podcast, which has featured interviews with the South African Health Ombudsman and the South Korean Ombudsman. In addition to her Ombuds work, Brown also talks about her career path and life outside work.

Jenna is held in high regard among the International Ombudsman community and shares my passion for continuing education.
One of the things we discuss in the podcast is the benefit of mutual learning. Jenna’s view is that exchanging information and expertise in this way is absolutely essential to the way she works:
‘I learn from contrast, so the exposure to those differences helps me clarify what my own work is. So I become more clear, learn new things, new ideas, and engage with colleagues from different perspectives and different countries.’
Brown is a founder and leader of the European Network of Ombudsmen in Higher Education, and has spoke at IOA and Cal Caucus. (PHS Ombuds Podcast.)

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