June 07, 2021

Job Posting: Association for the Study of Higher Education

The national organization of scholars dedicated to higher education as a field of study is hiring its first Ombuds. The new Conference and Events Ombuds will provide services for 800-1,000 annual conference attendees set for San Juan, Puerto Rico and 16 single-day virtual events with 10-250 attendees. ASHE is seeking an experienced Ombuds who will be available virtually on an as-needed basis for events beginning in September and ending in December, and on-site for the in-person conference November 3-6, 2021. 

Applicants should have experience with scholarly/academic associations and/or conferences, especially power differentials amongst and between faculty and graduate students; and have errors and admissions insurance. The Ombuds should not be a member of the Association. (IOA Job Board.)

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