June 16, 2021

College of Engineering at UT Arlington Creates its Own Ombuds Program

A decade ago the Student Congress at UT Arlington unanimously recommended the creation of a Ombuds program. After no movement from the campus, the College of Engineering created its own Undergraduate Ombuds Team. The team is composed of faculty and staff members in the College and practices to IOA standards.

The members of the new UT Austin Engineering Ombuds team are: Ishfaq Ahmad, Professor Computer Science and Engineering; Alan Bowling, Associate Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Rosie Kallie, Associate Professor Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering; Patricia Rodriguez, Executive Assistant College of Engineering; Carter Tiernan, Assistant Dean College of Engineering and Professor of Instruction Computer Science and Engineering; and Kendra Wallis, Associate Professor of Instruction Materials Science and Engineering. (UT Austin Engineering Ombuds; Student Congress Resolution.)

Updated 6/17/21: The initial version of this story mistakenly conflated UT Arlington and UT Austin.


  1. This is for UT-Arlington, not UT-Austin.

    1. Thank you so much for the correction! I'm embarrassed, but glad to correct this post quickly.