June 28, 2021

Job Posting: Auckland University of Technology

The large public university in New Zealand is hiring a Head of Employee Advisory and Resolution Service for an initial 12-month pilot period. The position will head a new office, Employee Advisory and Resolution Service ("EARS"), that will offer "confidential, impartial and informal support for AUT staff to discuss and seek support to resolve their workplace concerns with an independent party." EARS will operate in compliance with the IOA Code of Ethics. 

Applicants must have: Extensive experience leading dispute resolution, mediation, education on workplace issues, restorative justice and providing information and guidance for the purpose of empowering staff to deal with workplace issues; Extensive knowledge of harassment and bullying issues; and Experience successfully developing and facilitating training. Applications are due July 11, 2021. No salary indicated. (AUT Careers.)

This would be one of the first Organizational Ombuds programs in New Zealand, where the Classical Ombuds model is prevalent.

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