April 17, 2017

IOA 2016 Annual Report: Financial Success Supports New Programs

In its latest annual report, the International Ombudsman Association says that revised financial strategies allowed its professional staff and volunteers to reach several new goals.  Executive Director Rick Koepke, highlighted the following achievements:

  • IOA ran a significant financial surplus in 2016 and implemented a new investment management plan to make the best use of IOA’s financial assets. 
  • The IOA Annual Conference in 2016 in Seattle was the best attended ever. 
  • At a special meeting of the Association in September 2016, IOA members approved a set of amendments to the IOA bylaws which redefined the classifications and eligibility of IOA membership, as well as modifying the criteria to serve on the IOA Board. 
  • IOA offered the Foundations course and other Professional Development Programs four times in 2016 in widely-disbursed locations throughout the United States. 
  • IOA provided financial support to the Regional Advisory Committees to offer educational programming and networking opportunities in Puerto Rico and South Africa. 
  • IOA supported the conduct of a new job analysis process overseen by the CO-OP Board that will result in a new version of the certification exam. 
  • A new Practice and Compensation Survey was undertaken, the results to be published in 2017. 
  • IOA provided guidance to members and others regarding Title IX and guidance issued by the U.S. Department of Education with respect to the Clery Act as they relate to the role of ombudsman. 
  • Efforts were continued toward implementation of a refreshed and revitalized IOA website, as well as a new global marketing initiative. 
  • The IOA Board voted to establish a new Ethics and Professional Standards Task Force charged to review and make recommendations to the IOA Board regarding the IOA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. 
  • Opportunities to volunteer for IOA activities were made more visible and easier to access. 
  • IOA established a strategic partnership with the American Bar Association’s Ombudsman Committee to focus on shared areas of interest.

The annual report also recognizes the work of all committee volunteers.  (IOA 2016 Annual Report.)

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