September 22, 2023

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Shutters Ombuds Program

In or about March 2023, the public polytechnic and applied sciences institute in Edmonton abruptly closed its Ombuds Office. Alexia Wright had served in the position for three and a half years and the program had been in existence since 2015. (Wright also served as the Treasurer for ACCUO for at least a year in 2020.) NAIT made the closure without announcement and quickly removed references to the Ombuds from online policy materials. A Reddit post offers a few sinister allegations. (LinkedIn; ACCUO Bulletin; Reddit.)

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  1. Another Ombuds does their job and gets their office shuttered. Can we say potential lawsuit? Bad all around. Sorry to hear this for Ombuds Wright. And, the students...Good luck NAIT.

  2. And I interviewed for the job and didn't get it... which apparently is a good thing.

  3. Tell the truth to people who don't want to hear it and...boom!