September 07, 2023

Peek at the UN Funds and Programmes Ombuds Survey

The Office of the Ombuds for the United Nations' global development network (which comprises UNDP / UNFPA / UNICEF/ UNOPS / UN Women) is using SurveyMonkey to collect feedback from its visitors. The survey includes ten questions: 

1. How did you hear about the Office? 
2. Was your initial contact with the Office acknowledged within 48 hours? 
3. How long did the Office support you? 
4. If you hesitated, what concerns did you have contacting the Office? 
5. Please state your level of agreement about the Office of the Ombudsman and its Staff: 
  • The role of the Office was clearly explained 
  • Staff were professional, courteous and respectful in their approach 
  • Staff listened to my concerns 
  • Staff provided a confidential environment to address my concerns 
  • Staff addressed my concerns in a neutral and non-judgmental manner 
  • Staff and I had meaningful discussion of my concerns 
  • Staff had relevant information about workplace rules, regulations, policies, procedures and culture to share with me 
  • Staff helped me to understand and generate options for resolving my issues 
  • Staff were able to communicate in my preferred UN language 
  • The involvement of the Office was useful to me 
6. Which of the following services did you receive from the Office? 
7. How would you rate the overall responsiveness of the Office? 
8. What other services within the organization did you use to address your workplace concerns? 
9. Would you use the services of the Office again? 
10. Please provide any additional comments or feedback to the Office. 
This is a rare opportunity to see an Ombuds survey instrument. [Please do not respond to the survey to protect the integrity of the process.] (UNDP Ombuds Survey.)

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