September 21, 2023

University of Pittsburgh Adds Yet Another Grad Student Ombuds

Jessica Maguire has been named the Executive Director of Student Affairs and Ombudsperson for the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at Pitt. She follows Kellie Beach. In this role, Maguire assists graduate students and postdocs with academic issues and conflict. She joins several other collateral duty Ombuds serving grad students and postdocs across the university:

  • School of Arts and Sciences - Philippa Carter 
  • Graduate School of Business - Paul Klein 
  •  Graduate School of Public and International Affairs - Renee Kidney 
  • School of Computing and Information - Wesley Lipschultz 
  • School of Dental Medicine - Alycia Maltony 
  • School of Education - Max Schuster 
  • School of Law - Meme Jeffries 
  • School of Medicine - Daniel C. Devor; Michelle Manni; G. Sarah Napoe; Robert O'Doherty; and Laurel Roberts 
  • School of Nursing - Jennifer Brunner 
  • School of Pharmacy - Bailey Tobias 
  • School of Public Health - Michael Dolinger 
  • School of Social Work - Jessalynn Oliver 
  • School of Engineering - Cheryl Paul

1 comment:

  1. Yikes, that's a lot! Definitely sounds like they have the need for a full time ombuds, that way they could (fingers crossed) practice to IOA standards.