September 14, 2023

U.S. Horseracing Announces First Ombuds

The Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority and the Horseracing Integrity & Welfare Unit have appointed Alan Foreman as their Ombudsman. HISA and HIWU are nonprofit organizations established in 2022 to ensure integrity and safety in thoroughbred racing. Their reform efforts are modeled on those adopted by the World Anti-Doping Agency and Foreman's role is expected to be similar to WADA's new Ombuds. Foreman will serve almost everyone involved in professional horseracing (HISA's definition of "covered persons" include trainers, owners, breeders, jockeys, veterinarians, and others licensed by state racing commissions), which is over 21,000 people. 

Foreman’s responsibilities will include: 
  • Serving as an impartial and unbiased resource for Covered Persons and other Thoroughbred industry constituents to provide confidential advice and assistance at no cost to them in relation to the ADMC Program and the Racetrack Safety Program, including with respect to the rights and obligations of Covered Persons under both Programs. 
  • Accepting feedback and comments from Covered Persons and other Thoroughbred industry constituents with respect to the rules comprising both Programs and communicating such feedback and comments to HISA and/or HIWU. 
  • Providing advice to HISA and HIWU about the content and interpretation of the rules comprising both Programs. 
Foreman is currently the Chair and CEO of the Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Associations, Inc., and he is recognized as one of the leading racing law and equine attorneys in the U.S. Foreman has informed HISA and HIWU that he will donate all compensation paid to him in connection with his duties as Ombuds to the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance. He graduated from American University and earned his JD at the University of Baltimore School of Law. (HISA Press Release; HISA Regulations; THA Board Bio; IBIS World.)

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