September 01, 2023

Save the Date for Ombuds Day 2023

The 6th Annual Ombuds Day is coming up and planning is already underway. On October 12, 2023, the ABA DR Ombuds Day subcommittee is hosting a webinar featuring Thomas Zgambo, the Ombudsman for the International Monetary Fund. Zgambo has served as an Ombuds for 26 years, including stints at Polaroid, Coca Cola, MIT, and the World Bank. He will offer his insights and a conversation about the growth and evolution of the Ombuds profession. The webinar is one of several free events being planned for Ombuds Day 2023. 

Ombuds Day also provides an opportunity for Ombuds practitioners around the world to use the day to promote their role and practice. Ideas for how organizations might celebrate Ombuds Day can be found on Organizers would like to help promote your event. For information, please contact Ryan Smith, Assistant University Ombudsperson at Michigan State University, Co-Chair of the ABA DR Ombuds Committee, and Chair of the ABA DR Ombuds Day Subcommittee. (Ombuds Day.)

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